New Products coming your way! August 18, 2016 22:41

Ever heard of "XKKO" and "Itzy Ritzy"? 

Let us introduce them to you and bring them for your selection very soon.


Since 2000, they have been providing classic cotton nappies on the Czech and European markets. Over this whole period, they placed great emphasis on quality, the environment and innovative products. Successfully expanding their portfolio with other environmentally-friendly products for babies and children.

You can find bamboo swaddling wraps in our collection, together with environmentally-friendly toys, utensils and disposable nappies made using environmentally-friendly biodegradable PLA plastic.




Itzy Ritzy | Stylish Accessories for Moms and Babies

At Itzy Ritzy, same as us, they too believe parenting in style is possible. Our modern collection of baby toddler and lifestyle accessories provides smart, attractive solutions to everyday challenges, from carrying heavy car seats to keeping school snacks under eco-friendly wraps. We love making your life easier, so our multi-purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches without making you do a lot of work. Plus, we tread lightly on Earth with environmentally conscious, no-waste solutions. Through it all, we keep style top of mind, designing chic prints you won’t find anywhere else in a confection of eye-catching colors.


We would love to show you that quality and environmentalism can go hand in hand, and putting them together can result in wonderful objects which make our children’s first years of life easier and more pleasant.

We will be launching a Promotion very soon! More details will be coming!


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