About Bestbaby

So We Had an Idea...

It all started with a simple idea – provide the best retail experience on a web-store for baby products. Just one month after our Bestbaby made his appearance and as a full time working mother, new to the world of motherhood and blissfully 'winging it' - our lives went a little topsy-turvy with the irregular hours and the amount of products we needed! The luxury of a well thought out shopping trip to get the products most suited to us and at the best available prices was a dissstannntttttttt thought, almost like fairies and star dust. 

Online purchasing was the next best thing - but as new parents, we needed someone to chat with that had extensive product knowledge and could chat with us - as a parent to a parent. I felt the marketplace was really lacking in this area and online sales were impersonal and lacked certainty. There was no warm and fuzzy feeling during and post purchase.

 A simple idea and our mission has remained the same - provide quality products at great prices, customer service that knocks your socks off and give back to society!

What started out as an outlet for our passion for people and an entrepreneurial experiment quickly grew into much more than we imagined. 

Bestbaby Singapore didn’t start with a formal business plan, we just tried to apply common sense and research to figure things out as they came up. We've tried to marry what we absolutely love in web-store shopping with where our passion burns. We learnt a lot by just doing it, some more expensive lessons than others and some that resulted in multiple sleepless nights but we love what we have and what we offer, and so do our customers to date so we will keep forging on.

Bestbaby Singapore is more than just a web-store, it's a LIFESTYLE. 

The Golden Goose

A month after our launch, we stumbled across the Freemie Breastpump. It was a revolutionary concept, the internet was buzzing in Singapore with mothers wanting to get their hands on it. We recognised the goose that laid the holder egg and went ahead and put traditional risk practices to bed and channeled a large chunk of our savings into bringing the product over from USA and holding ready stock. Maybe it was just really late at night and we were not thinking straight in our sleep deprived state?

We were the only store in Singapore that held Freemie stock at that point, and we grew exponentially because of that. Freemie launched Bestbaby in Singapore, and Bestbaby launched Freemie in Singapore. Till today, Freemie remains our bestseller as the market recognises our history and knowledge in this area. 

The Decision that shaped the Destiny

Through the first few months, we continued to build Bestbaby Singapore by working late nights and weekends expanding our catalogue, getting a grip on our inventory management, organizing logistics and packing orders. We stayed true to our purpose and wore our heart on our sleeves with our customers. This was real, and this was taking off!

At the 1 year mark of Bestbaby Singapore, we decided for one of us to take the plunge. Kamenii, who runs Bestbaby now, left her full-time job so that she could focus all of her energy on Bestbaby (both the store and the warm cuddly little human running around our house). This was a difficult decision and was going to be a big shake up to our existing lifestyle, but it is in your moments of making decisions that your destiny is made. 

Spread the Word

The internet has truly been kind to us and good experiences have a way of making it's way around. The power of social media and word of mouth by 1000+ happy customers has resulted in the bulk of our continually growing customer base. We have minimal marketing spend monthly - we like how this works. Our passion for great customer service rewards itself by building on and is continuously gaining momentum.


One of Bestbaby's most gratifying building block is our passion to give back. In our personal lives pre-Bestbaby days, we have sponsored children via World Vision and we are avid followers and supporters of the progress that World Vision has made in many of the developing nations around the world. World Vision is a registered charity and audited by KPMG so we were confident that this organisation walked the talk.

What we like about World Vision is that the change they make is sustainable change - the money received is channelled to meeting children's basic needs first then empowering the families and community because it is through the them that sustainable change takes place. As the saying goes -"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

World Vision is not a tax deductible charity in Singapore as only local charities are tax deductible, so not the best business decision but we are fuelled by passion, not business principles. In a few weeks, we will be posting the great progress we have done with World Vision so you get a taste of this experience too. After all - this would not have been possible without you.  

"Bestbaby is committed to creating an impactful and lasting change. The secret to living is giving!"

Keeping it Real

One other thing about us - we like keeping it personal. Bestbaby was built on that personal touch and that personal service. No matter which way the wind blows, we will uphold this aspect! We love having a chat with our customers, everyone has a story and we believe we have the power to create. We have the power to create a great day by providing great service and we have the power to influence a poor day by providing exceptional service! 

So Who are We?

Bestbaby Singapore - we pride ourselves in always providing reliable, honest and friendly service. Occasionally we will even throw funny in, just to mix things up! We have a comprehensive catalogue that grows by the day and we assure you, if you interact with us, you will leave with a smile - just like chatting to another mom! 

That's our promise to you!