Spectra Pumps, Spectra pumps – who is the fairest of them all? August 24, 2015 12:40

We have received this question (at least, a different version of it) many times and while we have done a comparison post on it before, some mothers prefer a simple clear cut answer. We are happy to oblige – we know mommas juggle SO MANY things at once and we aim to serve!

So our usual suspects:

  1. The Spectra S1
Popularity status – very high. Hospital grade pump perfect for mothers who are low yield or just want to get more out of their pumping sessions. Rechargeable battery – absolutely! The only hitch – it’s a tad bit bigger than the personal pumps (M1 & S9+).
  1. The Spectra S2

Popularity status – Mediocre. It is everything the S1 has to offer except it does not have a rechargeable battery. It is $47 cheaper than the S1 for those who want the other perks of the S1 without the price tag, and a wee bit lighter too.

  1. The Spectra Dew
Popularity status – Mediocre to high. It has the highest vacuum strength, need I say more? It may not have all the other nifty features but for someone who wants the best there is to offer in terms of the core feature – this is it!
  1. The Spectra M1

Popularity status – Oh so very popular! Personal grade pump, light-weight and does a fab job. Rechargeable battery means this little fella will fit in your handbag. Oh and the price tag – it’s the cheapest of them all, hence potentially the fairest too :)

  1. The Spectra S9+

Popularity status – crazy high! It’s the lightest of them all! It has everything the M1 has to offer, a nice compact shape that lets you fit it into your pocket and a timer so you don’t under or over pump.

So probably not a one line answer but we believe in giving you options and the honest truth :) We are not any other online shop just selling pumps, we believe in providing value service so you know exactly what you are getting into. As always, we have ready stock on these and we are an authorised reseller so shop with absolute confidence. You will receive your pump within 1 - 2 days, free of charge :)

Happy pumping mommas!