World Breastfeeding Week Exclusive Interview - Azlina Ninsawi! August 1, 2015 11:34

Happy World Breastfeeding Week Mamas!

As a tribute and a mark of respect to the dedication mothers in Singapore put in to their breastfeeding journey, we have spoken to a few mothers and gathered their thoughts and feelings about breastfeeding in Singapore. 

Our first Supermama - Azlina Ninsawi with her two little angels! Azlina's daughter is wearing Bestbaby's Signature Pro-Breastfeeding Romper. Thanks for sharing your story Azlina!

1. How has the breastfeeding journey been for you? What do you like the most about it?

Well, the initial stage of the breastfeeding journey wasn't that easy though. I had frequent blocked ducts that had to be attended to by a lactation nurse. Following that, I manage to handle the overflowing supply by letting my daughter latch more frequently. Honestly, I rarely pump as I find it very tiring and by doing so, I feel that there will be excess milk supplied thus I told myself, just latch whenever possible. The bond that I have with my daughter is definitely a different one compared to my son as I feel my daughter is super attached and clingy to me all b'coz of my boobies... hehehehe...

2. When and why did you decide to breastfeed?

The moment my daughter was born, I just told myself that I will try to breastfeed her for as long as I can. Besides knowing the Power & Wonders of Breastmilk, I also understand that I could save a lot of money from not buying milk powder so I told myself why not! In fact, I couldn't believe that I've been able to breastfeed for this long!!  

3. How many months has it been? What has kept you going up to this day?

It's been a Wonderful Twenty Months of my breastfeeding journey & every time I think of how much I'd save from buying milk powder, the special moments I have with my daughter and the benefits it has, that just kept me going...

4. Who has been your biggest supporter?

Definitely, my husband! Thank you darling for being very supportive, patient and a loving husband!! You've been there when I was at my worst; Mastitis till I am able to breastfeed her till this long! I still remember how you helped me to unblock those ducts patiently. 

5. What are your top tips for other breastfeeding mothers and aspiring breastfeeders?

Don't despair when you've got blocked ducts, reach out to your supportive lactation nurses and the breastfeeding support group. Continue to breastfeed your child no matter how painful it is. Not only will you save a lot of money from not buying milk powder but also the benefits of breastmilk is Worth-It!!! You can also breastfeed your child anytime & anywhere!!

6. How do you manage as a working mum? 

I'm a shift worker thus my timetable is as such that she will sleep-in with me overnight to be breastfed and usually I will breastfeed her before going to work and after I come home.

7. What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

I still remembered when I went on my 1st trip to Hong Kong-China, most of the time we had to be on the move, I learnt how to breastfeed her while even on the move, it wasn't easy since I wear Hijab but I made it through. On top of that, 2 months before i was going back to work, I started to switch her to bottles but I failed. She totally rejected bottles no matter how long I tried. She'd rather go without milk then drinking from bottles. I was stressed out although I kept trying from asking someone else to feed her, to buying different bottles n teats (now my house is like a mini-Kiddy Palace) and to staying out of house for more than 12 hours, still she refuses to drink from anywhere else except my boobs. And so... I had to take no-pay leave to give her all the milk that she need till she's at least 6 months old when she can start to have solid. But the sacrifices I did was worth it!!! Money can't buy the love and that special moment shared with each other!

8. What do you feel about the support and culture in Singapore with regards to breastfeeding?

Based on my experience, I think Singapore is encouraging more mummies to breastfeed their child. Just take a look at the revamped nursing rooms in the Shopping Centres, it's so cozy, cleaner and with a nice, relaxed environment. In fact, nursing rooms are easily available & strategically located anywhere in Singapore. I feel these are some of the initiatives that Singapore is doing by supporting breastfeeding mummies. Thumbs up!

9. Do you ever nurse in public and if so, how was the experience?

Yes, I have. Plenty of times. Initially, it was a very shy experience since I'm a hijab wearer. People tend to look but after I told myself not to think of what others think of me and that my baby is hungry n need her milk then, I just concentrate my attention on my daughter instead of the eyes that's looking at me. Some people do not mind you breastfeeding in public but some do. To each, it's (their) opinion. 

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Breastfeeding is Great! Continue to breastfeed for as long as you can! If you intend to carry on even after you've start working, my advice is to introduce giving breastmilk in bottles to your baby as early as 3 weeks OK. That special moment and feeling you have with your baby is so... special that only YOU breastfeeding mummies can feel which no one else could ever experience! Its definitely a memory of a lifetime!!! Happy World Breastfeeding week to all you Awesome Mummies out there, embrace the moments...