The Only 4 Reasons to Swaddle Away July 1, 2015 14:38

We like quick and concise articles, this is a fast moving world we are in now and we just want to provide the best value in a fast and quick bang! Here goes :)

1. Babies sleep longer

Babies are used to being cuddled warm and tight in the womb, it helps to replicate the same environment once they are born as it gives a sense of security.

2. Less crying

Jerky arm and leg movements which will happen a lot as a newborn often startled and over-stimulate babies, and this leads to crying. Swaddling reduces the involuntary jerky movements, hence the crying.

3. Reduce the risk of SIDS

Swaddling reduces the ability of a newborn to flip on to their tummies, which can contribute to SIDS. Babies should always be placed on their backs to reduce SIDS.

4. Fewer scratches

The fingernails of your little one grow at incredible speed! You can always use mittens as an alternative, but a swaddle does the job well along with the other reasons.

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