Top 5 New Mum Must-Haves No One Tells You About! June 17, 2015 23:51

This is for all first time mothers - hear us out. I have chatted and been on the phone with one too many customers that are first time mothers and it's unanimous - the amount of information & products out there is mind-boggling!

Here's our quick round-up, primarily from our own experience as first time parents, and our research:

1. A Great Breast Pump

Bestbaby's Top Tip: Invest in a handsfree pump - the Freemie Collection Cup. Whichever electric pump you want is fine, but you have to get the Freemie Collection Cup

There are good electric pumps out there but only one that truly gives you hands-free operation, that is the Freemie. Slide it into your bra cups and pumps while you work or commute or cook or pilot a helicopter - the possibilities are endless!

Kamenii started out with the good ol'fashioned hold them horns to the breast pumping and hello wasted time, no multi-tasking and backaches. With the Freemie, pumping milk was a brand new easy journey - multitasking daily reads/work and making use of otherwise wasted time in commuting. 

Try this one: Freemie Collection Cup, on discount now at $149 (normally $199) with free courier shipping. We recommend checking out our post on the most popular Freemie combinations with electric pumps - because we have tons of customer data!

2. A Baby Carrier

Bestbaby's Top Tip: Look for a carrier that's easy to put on and take off, and adjustable straps that let you distribute the weight as you see fit and of course, ergonomic for your baby. 

Baby wearing is popular and has tons of benefits. The main reason this makes our list is we found that when you don't have enough time on your hands to do everything (it will happen, trust us), carrying your tot hands-free will be God-sent. The secret perk - you will often find your tot asleep within minutes. 

Up to this day, our 17 month old still calms down in impossible situations when placed in the carrier. In fact we just did a long flight to New York and there were countless times the carrier came in handy - on the flight, walking through busy streets and let's not get started on the bumpy stroller damaging sidewalks!

Try this one: ErgoBaby Carriers, ranges from $152-233 with free courier shipping. We use the Performance Ventus on especially hot days and the Ergo360 on days we want to carry him facing forward / on our backs. 

3. A High Chair

Bestbaby's Top Tip: Go IKEA. 

Nothing comes as cheap and good as the iconic IKEA high chair. Of course you can fancy it out with the OXO Tot Sprout Chair at our discounted price of $399 with free courier shipping - your baby does deserve the best after all!

4. A Soothing Rocker

Bestbaby's Top Tip: Trick out your rocker, you will appreciate it when you need your toddler to stay put while you use the loo!

There are basic rockets then there are rockers with music and vibrations - you will soon realise when you have a child that buying 3 minutes of alone time is priceless! This 3 minutes is also all you will need when you hit the loo or take 3 minute intervals at making dinner.

Try this one: Rhythm of the Reef Rocker at $169.90 with free courier shipping. We like the soothing classical music to mellow down our little fella and the sea animal prints (we are divers so we are a wee bit biased) that we point and name every time we put him in. SAHMs will love this nifty time-maximiser!

5. A Mobile

Bestbaby's Top Tip: Colours, lights and sounds and you have a winner! 

We started out without a mobile and we felt a little sad for our son as he lay there staring into space whenever we put him in the crib.

So we got ourselves the Soothe 'n Groove Mobile and you could see him staring at it, soon he was little smiles and was reaching out for it (there were moments of frustration when he couldn't touch it!) and the music was an instant calmer. He could stare at the Mobile and fall asleep most days when he was younger - at 18 months now, there's a different set of tricks!

Try this one: Soothe 'n Groove Mobile at our discounted price of $109.90 (normally $149) with free courier shipping. Did we mention the cute animals?

What are you top must haves - let us know and this list might just evolve!