The Most Popular Freemie Combinations May 4, 2015 14:58

Bestbaby Singapore has been selling the Freemie for a long time now and our bestseller under the Nursing collection is, no surprise here - the Freemie!

We have a lot of new mothers purchasing their pumps for the first time and want in on the Freemie revolution and ask us what are the popular combinations. From our experience selling to mothers and because we provide personalised service, we also know what is the pump that mothers are using the Freemie with and what works well. 

Here's our round-up, a short and straight to the point 'note' for busy mommas! 

    By far, the most popular combination. By far! And we get it - the Spectra 9+ is a sleek pocket sized wonder that truly transforms the entire breastfeeding experience when coupled with the Freemie cups. As a breastfeeding mother myself, I wish I had both of these from the get-go rather than my expensive initial investment in a pump that is very underused now (no names mentioned here but the Bestbaby's customers know, haha)!
    The M1 is equally popular, the size is just a wee bit bigger than the 9+ by appearance as the design of the product is circular rather than a block bar that the 9+ is. The M1 does weight 200g more than the 9+ so that's a key consideration other than the fact that the 9+ also has a timer function.
    Then there's the S1. A quality hospital grade double pump that gives justifies the additional weight as it's more hardy than the M1 and the 9+. With the night light, it is perfect for night time pumping and there's a timer too for the sleepy bleary eyed night time pumps. We've all done it before, falling asleep while we pump! 
    Do note we have a Purchase with Purchase Promo that gives you $20 off your next purchase when you make a purchase above $200. So this way you can purchase the Spectra and then get the Freemie at a $20 discount! As usual, Bestbaby promises free shipping! Order by noon, and receive your order the same day - free! Use this discount code when you checkout now- PwP$20! We limited this to only 5 deals per month as both the Freemieand Spectra is already on promo prices :D
    In our next post, we will show you how to set up the Freemie with the Spectra and Freestyle. 
    • Medela Freestyle

    This appears to be the most popular pump in the market for existing mothers. It's a battery operated pump as well, just like the Spectra, and palm sized. Compared to the 9+, the Freetsyle weights a good 90-100g more and that tends to be a deal breaker for some especially when the pricing comparisons come into play. The Spectra 9+ retails at $249 on discount whereas the Freestyle goes for $699 on discount. 
    The set-up to Freemie is similar as the Spectra. 
    • Medela Pump in Style

      The less popular Medela pump when it comes to combining with the Freemie, at least in Singapore! Understandably so too, with it's bulkier packaging. Still - a very popular and sturdy pump for the breastfeeding journey and if the PISA is your weapon of choice, then you can be sure to still enjoy the benefits the Freemie brings.

      The PISA is one of the compatible pumps with the Freemie which means you do not need the backflow protector to enable usage however since the new collection cups come with the backflow protector, I always advice mothers to just use the backflow protector in case of any mis-fittings and the milk does backflow. Protect your pump mommas!

      This list is not complete without the special mention for the Freemie Freedom - the quietest pump in the market. The perfect pump for night time pumping to not wake up the household and the best pump for office pumping as you can truly pump at your desk - with no sound. The faintest vibration that is softer than the handphone vibration, the Freemie Freedom is in a class of it's own.