Who is Bestbaby?? March 28, 2015 10:33

Bestbaby.com.sg was born out of the love parents have for their child and well, ours came 14 months ago when the little man was born. Having him in our lives has been the most enriching and fulfilling experience and we are continuously striving to give him the best because he's our Best Baby!

A lot of people told me from the get go that having a child would be tiring and say goodbye to a full night's rest and I will no longer have a social life - most people forgot to mention that at the end of the day they wouldn't want it any other way. The joy that a child brings far outweighs everything else and with the right mindset, support system and internal beliefs - this is going to be the best journey of your lifetime. 

So this little man - was the inspiration behind Bestbaby.com.sg as we wanted to give him our best (as do all parents, lol!)

The more we found these awesome products, the more we wanted to share it with friends and everyone else. I remember when we came across Freemie, the revolutionary breast pump. It took our world by storm and it quite literally launched us off into a level like never before. As a breastfeeding mother who was working full-time and juggling the demands of work, the long travel on the MRT (Pasir Ris to Alexandra & back!) and the night time feeding and pumpings - the Freemie concept blew my mind! The ease of use and the fact that my hands were really, truly and actually free set me free! I pumped on the train, while I was out for dinner, while I watched a movie and while I furiously typed away at the laptop. Pumping no longer was disruptive to my work, to my life and the Freemie enabled me to go on longer. We took the plunge and invested thousands in order to have ready stock in Singapore to service the market. Doing our accounts recently, I realised Bestbaby had purchased over $80,000 worth of Freemie products over the past year. That's amazing!!

I went from a full time working mum + business owner to a full time business owner so I can grow the business and spend time with my little man and what a journey it has been - I'll document this in one of my future posts for other aspiring entrepreneurial mothers. Slowly but surely our catalogue grew and is continuing to grow as I excitedly add products daily.

We have come a long way, from Freemie products to a range of other quality products to continuously sourcing new products to give you the best because, well, who is Bestbaby after all? Your baby, is the Bestbaby, to you :)