Freemie Freedom - Local Voltage! November 13, 2014 17:07

Heya mummies, we've a bunch of promotions going on but exciting news - we have Freemie Freedom in LOCAL voltage - 240v. Its units for Singapore and Malaysia exclusively - how awesome is that? We have proven to be a big market and Freemie is catering for us. 

We have in stock now Freedom's in local voltage and the Deluxe set! Call 9796 5094 today and speak to our very friendly and helpful ambassador :) Did we mention there's free delivery?

On a side note, we have a promotion going on for Avent Collection Cups and a collaboration with AwesomeCaricatures to get a professional caricature at a heavily discounted price - check out Caricature.

Signing off, 
Bestbaby - your baby deserves YOUR best!