Caricature me pls! November 5, 2014 15:04

Our November promotion!
Only for purchases above $50, enjoy our collaboration withAwesomeCaricatures that brings your pictures to life with stunning hand-drawn caricatures for only $12 onwards (save 40%)!


Provide your high resolution photo and received your magical transformation into a caricature - all done online. AwesomeCaricatures artists are equipped with wild drawing skills and an even wilder imagination!

What you will receive:

  • Ink sketch of a head and shoulders
  • High resolution jpeg pic 
  • For additional person(s), items ( bottle, rattle), background specifications and clothing specifications - additional charges are applicable and you must buy an Add-On together with your order.
  • Drawings are delivered between 5-15 days
  • All transactions and payments to Bestbaby to ease YOUR shopping experience and we will sort the paperwork and payments to AwesomeCaricatures :)