Freemie Hands Free Breast Pump Review by Mindi September 1, 2014 00:00

We thought to share a lovely post by Mindi which is equally informative on using the Freedom Pump.

Excerpts here:

"There have been many, many times I have thought to myself, “If only I could pump during a work meeting, I could be much more productive.”.  Yet, I know this would make my colleagues feel uncomfortable. Instead I  was forced to push out my scheduled pump time after meetings and hope I didn’t get a plugged duct as a result. Then two months ago I came across a breast pump system that made this wish into a reality, the Freemie.

The Freemie breast pump is hands free, incredibly quiet, and a low profile double electric pump. Gone are the annoying flanges and bottles that hang uncomfortably off your body, making you feel like a milk factory. Instead, the flanges and collection cups are  one unit that you put inside your bra.

It’s been a month since I started using the Freemie breast pump and my milk supply has remained constant.  Overall I have been very happy with the ease of use, suction strength, and convenience of the pump.  Here is my overall summary of the pump that I have fallen in love with and want to share with every pumping mom I know."

Read more at Simply Stavish.


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