Bet Your Bottom Cent on a Capella! July 14, 2014 22:21

Looking for a baby stroller in Singapore? Look no further - Capella strollers is one of the mostly widely trusted strollers and for good reason! 

Allow me to re-purpose parts of Irene Soh's (from SingaporeMomBlogs) wise insights on stroller picking:

1. Sturdy & Good Weight
When shopping for a stroller, I would suggest that you do your most outrages crash car dummy tests. Shake it, Push it to see just how much it takes to tip it over. In order for a stroller to be sturdy, it must not be overly light weight. Neither should it be so heavy that it reminds you of your weights in the gym.

2. 5 Point Safety Harness
A lap belt is never enough for a moving stroller. Once a baby master the skills of flipping, cruising, crawling and walking. He/She will make every attempt to STAND on the stroller. A 5 point safety harness will discourage the determined baby.

3. One Hand Operation
If 1 hand is carrying the baby, I only have the other to open and recline the stroller!

4. Fully Canopy Shade
There are 2 reasons why I insist on a full canopy shade.
Firstly, the weather in Singapore is just plain ridiculous. It is either scotching hot or pouring wet. A full canopy shade helps shield the baby from such harsh elements.
Secondly, I prefer my baby to have personal space when he is napping. So no kapoh aunties can tell me he is too hot, too cold, or perhaps even worst, attempt to touch him and wake him up!!!

5. Forward Facing
I am sure the outside world is much more exciting for a baby on a moving stroller. But, an option of having forward facing allow the parents to interact with the baby. I can still remember Sophia’s infectious giggles whenever I sing The wheels on the pram goes bum-pa-dee-bum-bump.

So why does the Capella win?

  • Capella Adonis weights 8.2kg and the Capella Laon - 11.2kg for a 2 in 1 stroller. A good weight for a very sturdy built. Complete with G-shock protection for your lil tot (read that as brain protection), still within the lightweight category ;)
  • Safety is non-negotiable! 5 point harnesses for the win!
  • One hand folding system makes it easy for solo travelling parents! Especially when travelling on buses and trains.
  • Capella is a strong believer in this aspect, in fact the Adonis and Laon both feature functional canopies that protects your precious bundle of joy from the scorching sun!
  • Tick! Capella definitely allows the curious cat in your baby to have hours of endless entertainment and learning by looking out. Your child is constantly learning about the world, what better way than to watch it in action :)

 Care for a Capella? ;) Check our Capella Adonis and Capella Laon at heavily discounted prices!