Freemie almost sold out! June 5, 2014 23:16

OMG, Singapore mums thank you for your support!

Nearly ALL Freemie products we are bringing in have been pre-ordered. Currently we are only left with:

- Freedom Pump - 1 unit

- Equality Pump - 3 units

- Collection cups (Medela) - both 25mm & 28mm SOLD OUT

- Collection cups (Philips Avent) - 1 set of 25mm

- Breast funnels - 25mm (3 sets) - 28mm (2 sets)

(FYI, due to many enquiries the breast funnels are interchangeable between the collection cups of all brands.)



Please check the official Freemie guide to determine what funnel size you should purchase when picking your pump, collection cup or breast funnel. As these are hygiene products, we do not accept exchanges. We know you may be confused about which size fits you best. Like what one of our customers did, our suggestion is for you to purchase an extra set of breast funnels of a different size and try out which fits you better. Every mum and baby is unique in their own way after all right? :D


Order now while stocks last! Cheers and keep pumping! :D