XKKO - BMB Nappy-Towel 90x100 cm (Various Design and Colors)

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At a Quick Glance:

XKKO BMB Nappy-Towel 90x100 cm. Extremely strong, incredibly soft and smooth bamboo towel of size 90cm x100cm. It has higher quality, absorbency and softness properties compared to classic cotton towels. What's more, if you follow the washing instruction, material will still be the same after many washings - still extremely soft & not hard. The fusion of high weight, hollow weave and bamboo material makes XKKO BMB towels one of the most absorbent classic towels ever to have been made.

Ecological ♥ Extremely soft ♥ Great absorbency ♥ Antibacterial 
XKKO®BMB material is much softer, its absorbency is better than cotton´s absorbency. Bamboo viscose is antibacterial.

Key Features:

1. Great absorbency

2. Soft

3. Size: 90x100cm

4. Material: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton

5. Weight: 200gr./ps ( about 220 grams per square meter )

6. Packing: 1pc


Care instruction:  washing at 40 celsius degrees

Certificates:  XKKO®BMB products hold attestation required by decree of the Ministry of Health Czech republic no. 84/2001 Coll.

Quality Marks:  XKKO®BMB products recieved quality marks Czech Quality/Quality Zone 

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