Spectra Dew 350 Breast Pump

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At a Quick Glance:

The Spectra Dew 350 is a hospital grade breast pump with a single smooth, powerful yet gentle pumping action that will support milk supply and allow you to make short work of expressing. 

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Key Features:

  1. Comes with everything you need to double pump, saving you time and better supporting supply.
  2. Hospital grade (tends to be longer lasting and doesn't have a battery operation option)
  3. Closed system – a backflow filter creates a barrier between your milk and the pump motor, ensuring hygiene.
  4. Continuous suction pressure adjustment
  5. Suitable for initiating lactation and building milk supply.
  6. Is suitable for heavy duty use ie 8 x a day.
  7. One of the quieter breast pumps in the market (the Freemie Freedom still is the quetiest!)
  8. Higher suction pressure of 350 mmHg (other Spectra breast pumps : 300 mmHg)
  9. Easy cleaning
  10. Local set that comes with 1 year warranty by Spectra Singapore.

Important to note:

  • The Dew 350 needs to be plugged in and can’t be used with a car adaptor
  • You can’t change the cycle speed and doesn’t have a letdown mode, which some women need.


  1. Wide neck breast shield (28mm size) x 2 (24mm and 32mm shields to be purchased separately)
  2. Bottle x 2 
  3. Slow flow soft teat x 2
  4. Tubing x 2
  5. Disc x 2
  6. Cap x 2
  7. Backflow filter x 4
  8. Valve x2
  9. Power adaptor

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