Spectra - Breastmilk Storage Bottle (160ml, 2 pcs)


At a Quick Glance:

Spectra Breastmilk Storage Wide Neck Bottles (2 pcs) is a set of 2 Spectra milk bottles that come with lids and caps (without teat), so that they can be used both for milk storage and feeding.

Key Features:

    1. BPA Free
    2. Compatible with your Spectra pump (and many others)
    3. Convenient, practical expressing without wastage – express into bottle, store, and then use to feed
    4. Easy to clean & sterilise
    5. Suitable for fridge or freezer
    6. Teats are not included and are sold separately.


    2x bottles
    2x disks
    2x caps
    2x covers



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