Safety 1st - Dolphy Baby Changing Unit - Warm Grey

$269.00 $399.00

At First Glance

Safety 1st - Dolphy Baby Changing Unit allows you to change and bath baby with everything close at hand.
Thanks to the easy to lift up with one hand changing mattress, parents will be able to give a bath to baby without having to bend. Safety 1st - Dolphy Baby Changing Unit  is also really convenient with its multiple storage compartments and towel rails. Parents can change baby and give him its bath anywhere in the house, thanks to the 4 wheels with brakes, which makes Dolphy easy to move around. 

Key Features

  1. Conforms to European standards
  2. 2-in-1 bathtub and changing table
  3. Multiple storage compartments
  4. Easy to move
  5. Easy to lift up with one hand changing table
  6. Integrated bathtub with drainage tube included
  7. 4 front storage compartments
  8. Towel rails
  9. 3 storage boxes
  10. Net storage bag
  11. Large bottom shelf
  12. 3 wheels with brakes for an easy move around the house
  13. Comfortable padded and easy to clean mattress
  14.  From birth until 12 months
  15. Dimensions (HxLxW): 83 x 103 x 60 cm
  16. Weight: 13.2kg

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