Nuby - Disposable Kids Face Masks, 10 Pcs


At First Glance

With pollen levels set to rocket to some of the highest levels this year, kids with hay fever and asthma (and you parents!) know too well how it can ruin their precious outside play time! Now thanks to these super handy-to-have single-use Kids Face Masks: Nûby™ Disposable Kids Face Masks, 10 Pack, they’ll still be able to get outside without the worry! Ideal for when the pollen count is high and hay fever season kicks in with one sneeze after another…and another…these face masks are designed to cover your kids mouths and noses so they can look forward to getting outside and having lots of fun thanks to their three layer protection.

Available in cute designs that your kids will love, these easy to use masks are designed specifically for 4-12 year olds and have comfy, soft ear loops that you can help them to slip over one ear at a time.  They even have an easy-bend nose clip to fit their littler nose bridge to keep them in place.  Neat or what? 

Available as a pack of 10, they’re small enough to have to hand whenever you might need them!


    • Cute patterened face masks designed for kids
    • Three layers of non-woven fabric ideal for protecting against pollen
    • Soft ear loops for comfort and easy use
    • Easy bend nose clip to keep in place
    • 17.5cm X 8cm

    Available designs

      What's in the box:

      10 pcs x Disposable Face Masks For Children aged 4 to 12 years

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