Nuby 4 Pk Fresh Food Snack Pots in Tray


At a Quick Glance:

Nuby's new garden fresh freezer pots are specially designed for making fresh-frozen baby food in quantity and at home.

Making baby food in quantity is easy and convenient and the garden fresh freezer pots make it even easier.

We designed our pots with an easy-pop bottom to quickly and easily release your frozen food.

The freezer pots include seal-tight lids to help prevent freezer burn and help keep freezer odors out of your baby's food.

Nuby's freezer pots also come with a handy storage tray to help keep your pots in place while in the freezer.

To use:

  1. Fill each pot with freshly prepared food.
  2. Snap the lid on to lock in freshness and place in freezer.
  3. When ready to feed baby, pop the desired amount of food out of the pots into a separate dish and warm to perfect temperature for baby.

Key Features: 

  • Snap on lid
  • 4 freezer pots with tray
  • Food easily pops out with a push of the bottom
  • 240 ml total capacity

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