Tiny Love Nature's Serenade Mobile


At a Quick Glance:

The calming sound of nature. The Nature's Serenade Mobile surrounds baby with a calming atmosphere with the aid of soft glowing light emitted from the innovative pond at its center axis and engages him with a rich multidimensional movement. With 3 classical tunes and one special nature tune the Nature's Serenade Mobile will provide baby with complete soothing environment.

Key Features:

  1. Nature theme
  2. Soft light creates a watery atmosphere
  3. Innovative movement patterns
  4. Contrasting zigzag movement
  5. 20m of continuous music with 4 tunes (3 classical & 1 nature)
  6. Calming night light
  7. Remote control  
  8. Multidimensional movement help your baby focus on objects and track them with his eyes, strengthening spatial perception, eye muscles and vision
  9. Provides a calming, soothing effect. Combining music and motion, the mobile becomes a stable, familiar and friendly element for your baby
  10. Contributes to the development of language. Sounds form musical sentences that help stimulate your baby's linguistic faculties

Enriches the visual experience with the contrasting movement of the various elements.

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