Joovy Black Caboose Varylight Stand-On Tandem Stroller


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At a Quick Glance:

Joovy understands that as families grow their strolling needs change, even on a daily basis.  The concept behind the VaryLight is the term variable – an adjective that describes changeability.  There has never been a tandem stroller that expands and contracts the way the VaryLight does to meet your family needs.  With various riding configurations, it’s like having several strollers in one!

The Caboose VaryLight includes a unique telescopic frame that expands the stroller from a single to a full-size double in seconds.  In it’s compact position (43.5 inches long), the Caboose VaryLight can be used as a standard single stroller or with a newborn in an infant car seat.  In this compact mode, there is still enough room for an older child to stand on the rear platform. 

When strolling with two children, the frame extends to provide more room for your older child to sit on the rear bench seat – even when the front seat is fully reclined. The older child also has the option of standing on the built-in platform.  We know that older children love this feature as it allows them to easily hop on or off.  The stroller measures 49.75 inches long in extended position.

Key Features:

Tandem stroller expands from a single to a double stroller.  

  • Swing-open tray.  
  • Car seat adapter installs on front or back of stroller.
  • 3-position recline front seat.
  • Rear bench seat and standing platform for older child.
  • One-hand fold.  
  • Front-wheel suspension, front swivel-wheel locks, and rear brakes.  
  • Extra-large storage basket.

    Available Colours:

    • Black
    • Charcoal
    • Purpleness

    Product Details

    Assembled Dimensions (short) - 42"H x 43.5" D x 24.25" W

    Assembled Dimensions (extended) - 42"H x 49.75" D x 24.25" W

    Folded Dimensions - 50"L x 24.25"W x 12"H

    Stroller Weight - 33.95 lbs.

    Front Seat Min Age - Birth+ when using car seat adapter, or 6 months+

    Front Seat Max Weight and Height - 55 lbs. and 40" height

    Rear Seat Min Age - 2.5 yrs

    Rear Seat Max Weight - 55 lbs. and 44" height

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