Ezee-Reach - Stay-Put Cutlery + Bowl (Available in 2 Colors)


At a Quick Glance:

Stay-Put Cutlery is an innovative feeding product developed by a British Mum that not only prevents cutlery ending up on the floor at mealtimes but has a unique ability to teach children as young as 9 months to self-feed in just a few sittings.

It’s a known fact that children are more than capable of putting a spoon to their lips from an early age, not surprising as the mouth is the first sensor of touch. However, prior to reaching 18 months they experience difficulty controlling the reflexes necessary to repeat this action with any degree of accuracy.

Stay-Put Cutlery is sold with a matching super strong suction bowl with a split ring vacuum feature, which ensures the bowl stays put too, together Stay-Put Cutlery and Bowl form the perfect mealtime combination.

This winning duo conforms to all relevant testing requirements relating to children’s feeding products and has been granted patent status in numerous worldwide territories.

Key Features:

Increasing the child’s ability to synchronise co-ordinated movement.

A deciding factor in this outcome is the specially developed flexible coils which are attached to the handles of the cutlery at one end and secured to super strong suction pads at the other. The coils have a built-in retention which acts like a memory, gently guiding the child’s hand back to the bowl, once a spoonful of food has been eaten. The returning action of the coils cleverly provides the impetus the child needs to select another helping from the bowl. The child remains blissful unaware of this guiding action and the avenue of movement the coils permit. Once the child realises it can now navigate the spoon from the bowl to its mouth and can repeat the process successfully independent feeding quickly follows. 

    Firm suction pads

    Another important feature of Stay-Put Cutlery are the specially designed suction pads which should be positioned on a highchair tray or table top as close to the child as possible to generate the best results. The suction pads are incredibly strong and will stick firmly to a wide variety of surfaces including plastic, melamine, glass, metal, granite or any smooth non-porous material. 

    Less frustration

    With Stay-Put Cutlery mealtime becomes less frustrating for the child as they now determine the speed they want to be fed and decide how much they want to eat. Fussy eating problems are less likely to develop and parents will discover a child’s true taste for different foods by observing personal preferences. 

    Hand-Eye Coordination

    Uniquely this feeding product appears to generate “a developmental link” enabling newly acquired skills to migrate to play, e.g. puzzle making, stacking and building games become easier to conquer as hand to eye co-ordination escalates. Incredibly, these skills appear to be acquired several months ahead of what has previously been considered normal development for this age group.

    Confidence Booster

    Importantly, a child will continue to benefit as confidence and dexterity are enhanced providing an essential developmental stepping stone prior to pre-school.

    Available Colours:


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