Motorola® Care+ Non-Contact Smart Forehead & Liquid Baby Thermometer

$89.90 $149.00

At a Quick Glance:

The Motorola® Care+ Non-Contact Smart Forehead & Liquid Baby Thermometer is an innovative device designed to provide accurate temperature readings without any physical contact. It utilizes advanced infrared technology to measure body temperature from the forehead or liquid temperature from a bottle, making it ideal for babies and young children. With its non-contact feature, it ensures hygiene and comfort while monitoring temperature, reducing the risk of spreading germs. The device is equipped with a smart display for easy reading and offers quick and precise results, making it a convenient tool for parents and caregivers


Key Features:

  1. QUICK & ACCURATE READINGS - No need to wait for minutes just to get a temperature reading. This smart non-contact thermometer instantly displays a reading in less than a second.
  2. TAKE BODY & LIQUID TEMPERATURE - This no touch thermometer is perfect for taking your infant's body temperature. It is also suitable for checking the temperature of milk or bath water.
  3. EFFORTLESS TEMP MONITORING - Track and store temperature history through the downloadable Hubble Connected app. Instantly share temperature readings with your physician from your device.
  4. HYGIENIC & NON-INVASIVE - Forget about sticking a thermometer into your child's mouth or ears. Just hover this contactless thermometer within an inch of your kid's forehead to get the reading.
  5. TAKE IT ANYWHERE - Bring this digital thermometer with you on holiday trips and adventures. At 5.80x1.76x1.91" this touchless thermometer will fit nicely inside your baby bag or car compartment.
  6. °C / °F Unit switchable
  7. Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 Wireless Connectivity


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