Spectra - Teat for Wide Neck Bottle (Pack of 2) (Available in 4 Sizes)

$14.50 $16.25

At a Quick Glance:

Spectra - Teat for Wide Neck Bottle is pack of 2 slow flow teats have a wide neck to fit straight to the wide neck bottles that come with your Spectra breast pump. Made out of a BPA free silicone material that is safe for bub. 

Note: These teats are a new and improved design, and are not identical to the teats included with the Spectra Breast Pumps.

Key Features:

    1. Compatible with Spectra wide-neck bottles
    2. Soft silicon material safe for babies
    3. BPA free and latex free

    Available sizes:

    1. S Size (0-3 months)
    2. M Size (3-5 months)
    3. L Size (5-7 months)
    4. XL Size (7 months or above)



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