ERGObaby - Single Swaddler (Available in 2 Designs)


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At a Quick Glance:

Swaddling your baby helps keep your baby sleeping longer and more peacefully. Ergobaby's innovative design makes it easy to swaddle correctly for a perfect fit every time. The Ergobaby Swaddler is made of soft, breathable 100% cotton knit terry.


Key Features:

Healthy Hip Development
According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, “In order for swaddling to allow healthy hip development, the legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural development of the hip joints. The baby’s legs should not be tightly wrapped straight down and pressed together. Swaddling infants with the hips and knees in an extended position may increase the risk of hip dysplasia and dislocation. ”

    • Ergonomic design 
    • Easy to use 
    • Healthy Hip Position
    • Easy diaper change
    • 100% cotton comfort 
    • Escape Proof-Arm Pockets
    • Breathable cotton
    • One Size for Infants: 19-24"/ 48-61 cm; 6-15 lbs / 2.7-6.8 kg


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