Wyeth - S-26 Nursoy Gold Stage 1 - 900 g (Singapore) 0-6 months


At a Quick Glance:

S-26 Nursoy GOLD infant formula is nutritionally complete and provides all nutrients essential for healthy growth and development during infancy.

For older babies, S-26 Nursoy GOLD infant formula can be mixed with solid foods as part of a cow’s milk-free weaning diet. S-26 Nursoy GOLD infant formula with the S-26 NUTRILEARN system, a scientific blend of nutrients working together to support your child’s development. 

  • AA & DHA are important building blocks for brain and eye development.
  • Lutein is a predominant component of the retina of the eye
  • Choline supports overall mental functioning
  • Taurine supports overall mental and physical development
  • Calcium helps to build and support strong bones and teeth
  • 5 Nucleotides are essential to normal cell function and replication, which are important for the overall growth and development of infants
  • Iron supports the child’s natural defences
  • For 0 -12 months.


  • S-26 Nursoy GOLD features high-quality soy protein isolate while containing no animal fats, lactose or sucrose.
  • Cow’s milk free formula with protein derived from soybeans
  • No casein, whey or lactose – can be used for broad range of feeding problems e.g. cow’s milk/lactose intolerance Same nutritional benefits as regular cow’s milk formula Specially formulated to meet requirements for babies’ growth and developmental needs (unlike regular soy milk)


    • Keep can in a cool, dry place
    • Always replace lid after use
    • Use within 4 weeks of opening
    • Avoid prolonged storage at excessive temperatures
    • Expiration date on bottom of can



    Stock will be available after 8 July 2021

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