Bright Starts™ - Splashing Safari Prop Mat

$35.50 $39.90

At a Quick Glance:

Wiggle and kick on this soft padded mat! Splashin’ Safari ™ Prop Mat from Bright Starts™ is a soft play area designed to encourage healthy tummy time play and exercise. The removable prop-up pillow is just the right size for your baby girl in this sweet flower garden! The bright, colorful bead chaser, 2 FunLinks™, and flower-shaped rattle are sure to keep baby girls smiling! The purchase of this product helps support the Pink Power Mom™ program, benefiting breast cancer charities nationwide. Fun comes first!™


Key Features:

  • Soft padded mat makes tummy time play and exercise more enjoyable 
  • Toy Attachments
  • Includes toy bar or links to entertain and delight baby
  • Easy to Wash
  • Fabric can be safely tossed in the wash

Product Information:

    • Dimensions 12.10” h x 3.70” w x 14.10” l (30.7 cm x 9.4 cm x 35.8 cm
    • Weight 1.47 lbs (0.67 kg)
    • Minimum Weight 0 lbs
    • Minimum Age 0 Months
    • Maximum Age 36 Months

      Play Tips:

      1-3 Months

      Place your baby on her tummy. Monitor her responses. When she gets restless, turn her onto her side or back.

       3-6 Months

      Place your baby on his tummy in front of the mirror, so that he can gaze at his reflection.


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